UVA MBA Essay Tips

UVA MBA 2007-2008 MBA Essays

1. What matters to you most, both personally and professionally, and how does an MBA relate to these priorities? (500 word maximum)
This is a creative way of asking for your career goals and why you want an MBA. However, they want you to articulate your broader values and goals, not just career plans. This is similar to Stanford‘s “what matters most to you and why”. As we advised with Stanford, think about the honest answer. What is actually important to you? Your career goals should in some way reflect your personal priorities (this does not mean they are one and the same, but that there is some correlation). Then articulate why you need an MBA to reach these personal and professional goals – offer up classes, clubs, etc that will help you. They want to see that that you will take advantage of the UVA MBA and make a difference in their community.

2. Please select one word that describes you from the set below and support your statement using concrete examples. Professionally I am: (300 word maximum)
(a) an innovator.
(b) a leader.
(c) an entrepreneur.

When deciding how to describe yourself, think about your overall application. Show them a consistent theme in your life and back that up with colorful examples. This is a short essay, so choose your examples carefully. Resist getting into the details of each example and instead focus on your actions.

3. Please choose one phrase that describes you from the set below and support your statement using concrete examples. Professionally I am: (300 word maximum)
(a) involved globally.
(b) committed to diversity.
(c) socially responsible.

Similar to the second essay, present a consistent theme and give concrete examples. With both essays, and this one in particular, you could use examples from community service. Though those experiences are not paid positions, you could have had professional level responsibilities.


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  1. Sammi says:

    Well, i agree with Stacy’s explanation of the second essay question, but find it hard to understand the third essay’s explanation. the line of thought that she puts forward would be more apt, if the question were – “in community services…..i am a professional”. i maybe wrong here but i feel that when they ask for professional social responsibility they are certainly looking beyond community services.

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