The GRE, GMAT Dilemma

As more and more business schools begin accepting both the GRE and GMAT for admission, applicants are stumped as to which test to take.  Francesca Di Meglio looks at the factors that go into this decision in a recent article for BusinessWeek.

After analyzing performance, post-MBA plans, demographics and the like, Di Meglio concludes that when you apply to business school may play a larger determining role than other factors.

If you plan to apply in a few years, by then the GRE and GMAT may be on more even footing with admissions committees. If, however, your answer is this year or next, then the GMAT is almost certainly the best choice.

“It is considered by many to be a rigorous, well-respected exam that provides a clear link between achievement on the test and success in business school, something the GRE can’t claim, at least not yet,” Di Meglio writes.

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