GMAT Hacks: Choosing Effective GMAT Practice Questions

Guest post provided by Jeff Sackmann of GMAT Hacks

One of my main goals with this site is to help guide you through the quagmire that is the commercial GMAT prep marketplace. There are some good resources out there, and there’s a lot of garbage. Unfortunately, even if you find the best resources, you still may not use your time as effectively as you could.

Here are the two things that will help you use your time the most effectively when doing practice questions: (1) Choose realistic questions. Start with the Official Guides.  (2) Choose questions at the appropriate difficulty level.

The second one is much harder than the first. How do you know how difficult each question is? After all, you’d have to do it to know how challenging it is, right?

Yes and no.

If you want a more precise measurement of difficulty, consult my Guides to the Official Guides. (I hope I don’t sound like an infomercial here: I’ve specifically created these resources because the need for them is so glaring.) In each one, I organize every single question into one of five tiers of difficulty.

I do the same in each one of my problem sets, as well. When I work with students one-on-one, I often start them out at the lowest level, only moving up when they reach a certain degree of competence and comfort…

This is an excerpt from a longer article by Jeff Sackmann, originally published at GMAT Hacks.  Jeff has created several valuable GMAT-preparation resources, including Total GMAT Math and Total GMAT Verbal.

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