Great Self-Study Option From GMAT Prep Now

For those looking for a self-study option, GMAT Prep Now offers a video-based course with nearly 500 videos and over 33 hours of instruction. This format allows students to replay and review the content as often as they wish. To support their comprehensive curriculum, the company provides an easy-to-follow Learning Guide containing hundreds of activities that direct students from day one of their studies to test day.

I recently spoke with Brent Hanneson, the course developer, and he believes that this roadmap best promotes understanding and retention. It also ensures that students cover all of the concepts that the GMAT tests.

One of the interesting features of GMAT Prep Now is that the content is divided into separate modules such as Geometry, Statistics, Sentence Correction and so on. This means that you can either purchase the entire course, or purchase just those modules that you are struggling with.

If you want to check out the videos before buying, the GMAT Prep Now website has over 80 free videos that you can watch without undergoing some lengthy pre-registration first. And, if you do buy, the company offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.  I have previewed the videos – they are terrific; and with the low price and guarantee, you really cannot lose!

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