4 Application Tips From Judge Business School

James Barker, MBA admissions coordinator for University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School, offered four application tips via Twitter this week.

Judge Business School Application Tip #1 — “Be original in your essays. We want a sense of your personality and contribution to the programme.”

Judge Business School Application Tip #2 — “Articulate your career goal clearly. If you don’t have one yet this is fine but show why and some options.”

Judge Business School Application Tip #3 — “Have you told GMAC to release your GMAT score to us yet? Contacted referees? Do this as early as you can.”

Judge Business School Application Tip #4 — “Be sure to allow time to check your application for typing errors. We see an amazing number of these!”

Also, for an insider glimpse into life at Judge, check out this recent entry on the Financial Times MBA blogs, Too Old for an MBA at 30?. Aswini Anburanjan’s contribution is especially thought-provoking for its “youth-versus-experience” angle.

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