50 Best Business Schools for Getting Hired

Everyone has their reasons for pursuing an MBA. It may be the network, the need for a change, or the desire to gain a specific skill set. An applicant may feel that an MBA can facilitate the transition to a new role or increase the likelihood of advancement in a current role. Regardless of your reason for pursuing the degree, most applicants agree that they want to go somewhere that can help them land a great job after graduation. Today Fortune published their list of the 50 Best Business Schools for Getting a Job.

The top ten schools are not terribly surprising:

If you are deciding where to apply, or deciding between acceptances, the rankings are worth a look, as they summarize average starting salaries and number of job offers. Rankings are based on strength of reputation with recruiters and strength of career placement.

However, it is important to keep in mind that these are general rankings, and if you are targeting a specific company or industry you will want to do your own research. The best school overall, may not be the best one for you.

A companion article to the rankings featured me, discussing some guidelines for getting in to a top business school. Number 9 in the list of tips provided states, “Do your own research. Don’t choose a B-school just by picking it off a list (not even ours). ‘Every MBA program is different, and you want to focus on the ones that are right for you,’ Blackman says. ‘Compare the schools carefully, and visit as many of the campuses as you can.'”

Here are a few ways to research schools with regards to your job search:
1) Contact HR at target employers and see where they recruit and where most of their employees attended business school.
2) Contact Career Services at schools you are considering and discuss the resources they offer for a job search in your areas of interest. Also ask about companies that recruit on campus.
3) Network with individuals in your target industry to learn their perceptions of a given school.

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