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In a recent update to the admissions blog at The Ross School of Business, director Soojin Kwon Koh uses this lull prior to the May 1st decision deadline to provide some advice to those on the waitlist and an explanation of  how the process is looking this year.

To admits who have asked for extensions on the enrollment deadline, Soojin says the Michigan MBA typically denies those requests because it limits the program’s ability to make decisions on the many applicants sweating it out on the waitlist.

“Because of our high yield last year, we admitted slightly fewer applicants through Round 2,” Soojin explains, adding that the slight reduction in the number of admits did not translate into a bigger waitlist.

“We know that being on the waitlist can be an agonizing time, so we are trying to minimize the number of people in agony. To that end, we will be releasing some folks on our waitlist in the coming weeks.”

The Michigan MBA will maintain a limited waitlist throughout the spring and summer, and Soojin’s advice for those folks is clear:

  • Do not send emails reminding AdCom how much you want to attend the Michigan MBA Program;
  • Do not urge current students or alumni to lobby Admissions on your behalf.

The reason an applicant is on the waitlist is generally not because of poor fit, the director says. It could be because of a less competitive academic record, since the Michigan MBA program doesn’t want to admit applicants who have not convincingly demonstrated the potential to handle the rigor of the Michigan MBA curriculum. Admissions will accept new GMAT scores and transcripts from classes you may have taken since you applied to the Michigan MBA program.

Round 3 applicants should be aware that all interview invitations have been extended. Admission in this round will depend on how many of the Round 1 and 2 admits decide to enroll, and decisions will be released on May 15.

Soojin’s best advice is to be patient…admittedly a difficult task while you’re playing the waiting game. Hang in there, though; the end is near!

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