Applicant-Initiated Interviews at Tuck School of Business

Tuck School of BusinessDid you know that Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business offers applicants the chance to initiate an interview with admissions? Unlike it’s peer schools, which typically maintain an invitation-only policy, Tuck’s Open Interview Policy means that any applicant who wants to visit the school and interview with the admissions committee may do so.

In a video message posted to the Tuck School website, Director of Admissions Dawna Clarke explains that interviews are so helpful for the admissions committee in order to assess those valuable interpersonal skills, team skills, leadership skills, and of course, communication skills.

Applicants want the opportunity to be heard, and Tuck is proud to be able to offer that opportunity to any applicant who requests it, Clarke says, noting that “An interview really helps us get a sense of your personality and softer skills that are a little harder to assess on the basis of a written application.”

The interviews are with either second-year students or a member of the admissions committee, and applicants have the opportunity to sit in on a class, have lunch with a second-year student, tour the facilities, and participate in an information session with an AdCom member during their visit.

For applicants unable to visit Tuck and take advantage of the open interview option, Clarke says that they would need to briefly explain the reason on their application and wait for the admissions committee invitation to interview, which is issued after an initial review of a candidate’s application.

According to Tuck, on-campus interviews are conducted by admissions committee members and selected second-year students. Off-campus interviews are conducted by admissions committee members, admissions associates, or alumni interviewers. All interviews are evaluated equally, regardless of interviewer, location, or how initiated.

Applicants should note that with the exception of the January round, interviews must be completed by the published deadline for the round in which you are applying. Because the January round deadline is 1/3/13, the applicant-initiated interview deadline is January 31st.

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