Applicants should articulate why they want Tuck

Nancy Granada, Senior Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at Tuck was interviewed about the school’s increased interest in India, as well as its collaborative culture and its admissions process. The article provided some interesting insights into Tuck, but also the overall business school landscape.

This year Tuck has 30 Indian students, almost double from three years ago, and 25% of its applicant pool was from India. This does not include the Indian origin applicants who live in the US. This highlights the shift that has been occurring in the demographics of the larger MBA applicant pool.

While the article provided great, very clear insights into what Tuck’s process, I believe that the following could be said for a lot of schools out there:

Well, we definitely want an applicant who is able to articulate why they want to come to Tuck and why they want an MBA. That’s very important. Because it is definitely an indicator of success here at Tuck. One of the other things that we look for is we want applicants who are able to demonstrate not only solid quantitative and analytical skills but those interpersonal skills are very important as well because of the structure of our program. We obviously also want students who demonstrate some academic excellence through their undergraduate studies and also through their GMAT. We also want them to be able to demonstrate their accomplishments. We want them to be able to show us that they have made accomplishments both in their professional and personal life and that they have demonstrated leadership. That’s very important in terms of success here at Tuck because we are so collaborative and the students work so closely together so leadership definitely is an important aspect of the applicant. And last, we do look for students who do have professional experience. On average most of our applicants have about 5 yrs of professional experience.

Even if Tuck is not on your radar, this is a great article to read to get a feel for what the top schools are looking for and how they evaluate an application.

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