B-School Buzz: Join the Club, Virtual or Otherwise

Welcome back to another edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz! This week, we share some classic MBA humor, practical advice for first-years, and words of wisdom from a charter member of the Virtual Friends Club.

B-school clubs…more than just a partyMBAChic offers some tips to help orient first-years feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of student clubs and organizations available to them. Knowing your short-term goals, being realistic with your time constraints, and not getting caught up in the “brand” of the organization are the key points she elaborates on in this post.

The countdown is on –What a change from this time last year, says Richard Battle Baxter, aka Ellipsing My Way…to Business School, as he recalls being so enmeshed in GMAT prep his head was spinning. Now, Richard is weeks away from moving to Ithaca, New York, to do an MBA at the Johnson School and enjoying the last-day-of-work and going away parties galore that make up his social calendar this summer.

A dose of MBA humor — After posting a sobering video link to a global investigation on slavery, Rolipolli took a walk on the lighter side with a post that pokes fun of the many acronyms people have come up with for M.B.A., and another titled “You know you’re an MBA when…“.  We can always count on this blog for keeping us engaged and entertained!

The Virtual Friends Club — During her second year of business school, Felish…da dish and her friends started a virtual friends club, that’s VFC for short. Once a week, she and three other “nerdy” grad students would sit in a circle giggling as they communicated online with the people next to them. The moral of this story: life after b-school gets complicated, so “enjoy being nerdy, enjoy being a student, and take pride in spending time doing things that may seem weird. That’s what you’ll remember after school ends.”

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