B-School Buzz: Ruminations on Fashion, GMAT and GPAs

From what to wear to interviews, which GMAT books are worth their weight in gold, to the lowdown on undergrad GPAs, we’ve got lots of terrific advice to share from our B-School Buzz bloggers this week.

Gearing up again — After a brief hiatus to mentally regroup and recover from the disappointments of last year’s MBA application cycle, KT is ready to get back into the game and plans to do a few things differently this time around. While the target schools are still in the top 10, KT plans a fresh approach to the essays and a concerted effort to highlight those extra-curriculars and achievements outside the professional domain.

Scoring GMAT resources — With an unofficial score of 770, anyone still in the GMAT trenches may want to listen up as Carl Incognito provides the lowdown on the various resources he used. For each of the four popular GMAT prep tools mentioned, Carl offers his personal experience, details the strengths and weaknesses of each, and then provides a score on a five-point scale. Check out his conclusions through the link above.

No Snooki legs during your job interview — Welcome to our newest B-School Buzz blogger, MBAChic! In this post, she briefs us on the appropriate attire when you’re interviewing for a position at a financial services firm, investment bank, accounting firm–basically anywhere that requires formal business wear. Pantyhose, while seemingly un-chic, are still de rigueur for women in the corporate setting, though she cautions strongly against choosing an overly suntanned shade to avoid “Snooki legs.”

Launch of the Listen Up series — Richard Battle Baxter, aka Ellipsing My Way…to Business School, has launched a series of posts designed to guide those just now walking the path of the MBA application process. In Listen Up: GMAT, he bares his true feelings about the exam (it “sucks!”) and cautions folks not to get too hung up on the score. In Listen Up: GPA, Richard encourages the use of the optional essay for those who fear their undergrad GPA isn’t stellar and feel the need to explain why.

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