B-School Buzz: Ways to Spend Your Pre-MBA Summer and More

As the academic year winds down and application season ramps up, our B-School Buzz bloggers are chock-full of terrific advice and ready to take on this next phase of their professional or educational journeys.

How to spend your pre-MBA summer? — Although geared toward post-military applicants, this entry on the Military to Business blog holds tremendously useful advice no matter where you are in the application process.  Should you do a pre-MBA internship, shadow a business leader, take classes, or use the time to catch your breath? Find out the merits of each option, and read the eight tips at the end of the post designed to orient all veterans preparing for an intensive MBA program.

Show me the money — The deadline for the Beat the GMAT Scholarship was this past Tuesday, and both Unfathomable and MBA Dreamz tackled the topic from different angles on their blogs. While MBA Dreamz writes of how the scholarship will help him figure out whether to retake the GMAT, Unfathomable has been practicing meditation, yoga and other mind techniques to boost his confidence levels and imagine himself earning the BTG Scholarship. Good luck to you both!

And the next phase beginsFelish…da dish ends radio silence with the news that she’s graduated with an MS in Information Systems (high honors) and an MBA in Marketing from Boston University School of Management. After packing up her entire life into a moving Pod, her goals for the next few months include getting back into shape, catching up on reading, working on her novel and figuring out where to travel in July. Congratulations…a leisure-filled summer sounds divine.

Interview nightmaresRolipolli reports having a miserable telephone interview experience for Teach for India’s Young Professional Ambassador this week. A pounding heart and jangling nerves got the best of him, rendering Rolipolli numb and speechless over the quantity of questions asked. Although he says the lesson here is to let go of the fear and be confident in whatever he does, sometimes that’s easier said than done. You have our sympathies!

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