B-Schooled Podcast Episode #141: 10 Things to Do Before Submitting Your Application


This B-Schooled podcast gives applicants ten things to think about in the days before submitting their applications. Mind you, this is not intended as something to listen to an hour before you submit. But it does offer incredibly useful information to think about a day or two before the application deadline.

As we always say, you want an application that is authentic, bold and offers a clear and consistent narrative. You want this narrative to come across cohesively via all elements of your application: your essays, your resume, your recommendations, and your interviews.

To help set you up for success, today we offer ten suggestions touching on the following topics:

  • Thinking through your overall application narrative to make sure this boldly and authentically represents who you are
  • Reviewing your essays for common typos and other errors
  • Asking your proofreader to help you by looking for the right things
  • Bolstering quantitative results metrics—as well as adding useful context—to your resume
  • Following up with your recommenders
  • Reviewing your social media footprint
  • When to actually hit submit (and when not to)

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