Chicago Booth Waitlist Update

Waitlisted candidates at the Chicago Booth School of Business may be feeling some uncertainty regarding the next steps in the process right about now.  Associate Director of Admissions Carrie Lydon urges such applicants to take heart—the waitlist is a good place to be, she says—and attempts to clarify matters while highlighting some changes Booth has made to the process this year.

In the latest update to the MBA admissions blog, Lydon reveals that the school has introduced a waitlist enrollment form which allows candidates to immediately opt in or out of the waitlist. “This allows you to decide what is best for you,” Lydon says, “and helps us better understand who is genuinely interested in remaining on the waitlist.” The enrollment form isn’t binding and you can withdraw from it at any time by emailing

Those candidates who accept a place on the waitlist will have their application considered for admission again in Round 2 and will receive an updated decision on March 21, 2012, the final decision date for that round. Most applicants will hear a definitive answer by that point, though it’s possible to remain on the waitlist through Round 3, Lydon notes.

Chicago Booth invites candidates to submit relevant updates regarding their candidacy should these additional materials provide insight into their qualifications and strength of fit with the school. Another new, optional feature this year is the ability to upload a 90-second video for the admissions committee.

“In the age of digital media, we recognize that video is a common tool of communication, and want to provide any interested candidate with the opportunity to use it,” Lydon explains. This medium is ideal for candidates who would like to create a personal connection in lieu of visiting campus, and is completely open in terms of content.

While the waitlist may be a frustrating place to be, applicants should view it as a positive sign of the strength of their application. With patience, such candidates may be fortunate enough to receive final admission from their chosen program.

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