Tuesday Tips: Tuck MBA Essays and Tips for 2024-2025

Tuck MBA essays

The Tuck MBA essays are out, and we have the latest tips for you! The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth has a small student body and a rural location, combined with world-class faculty and academic focus.

The admissions committee has spent considerable time developing a clear set of admissions criteria. Through their Tuck MBA essays, successful applicants will show they are: smart, accomplished, aware, and encouraging. Overall, Tuck is looking for applicants who show a pattern of behavior that demonstrates these qualities.

For example, you would describe a pattern of accomplishments in your essays and resume. And then, you would show awareness when you explain how you view the world in your essays and interviews. Finally, you could show you are encouraging by describing a time when you have challenged and developed others.

Stacy Blackman Consulting can help you put together successful Tuck MBA essays. Our team of experienced admissions professionals, like Maureen, who is a former Tuck admissions officer, know exactly what Tuck is looking for.

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Tuck MBA Essays

Essay Question #1: “Why are you pursuing an MBA and why now? How will the distinct Tuck MBA contribute to achieving your career goals and aspirations?”

Being aware is one of the four criteria for successful Tuck MBA essays. To show awareness in this essay, spend some time considering your goals. Also, think about why you think an MBA is the right choice. Finally, consider why Tuck is the right place for you. As Patricia Harrison, Director of Admissions, Evaluation, and Yield, writes: “Spend time and effort identifying why an MBA, and especially the Tuck MBA, aligns with your goals.”

Once you have crystallized your goals, you must articulate them in this essay. Make sure you have researched Tuck thoroughly. Use that research to show why Tuck is the right place for your next step. Being aware also means seeing the opportunities available at Tuck. Thorough school research is important here.

As Harrison writes: “Show clarity and awareness about how Tuck uniquely advances you towards your goals.” Making appropriate goals for yourself, considering your background and the MBA, also shows awareness.

Tuck MBA essays

Essay Question #2: “Tell us who you are. How have your values and experiences shaped your identity and character? How will your background contribute to the diverse Tuck culture and community?”

Ensure you have spent time learning about Tuck and why you think you fit with the community. This essay is the perfect place to talk about how you are encouraging and aware. How have you spent time developing people in your life? And what will you do to bring that quality to Tuck?

Harrison advises, “We want you to confidently bring your whole unique personal self, including your strengths and growth areas, to Tuck. We hope you appreciate how this extraordinary community is a tapestry of the collective individuals therein and how adding to it means choosing to consistently engage.”

Finally, by reaching out to current students and alumni, you will learn more about the Tuck experience. That will help you better understand how you fit in at Tuck and write better Tuck MBA  essays. First, ask your friends and family if they know students or alumni you can connect with. Or, Tuck admissions can match you with a member of the community.

Once you understand Tuck, think about the experiences that have shaped you. This essay is an ideal place to talk about some of your past accomplishments that involved others. For example, what you have experienced in various communities and what you have contributed or learned. You can show that you are aware of yourself and others by describing your experiences.

If you are struggling to come up with a topic to discuss, talk to your friends and family about any stories that remind them of your unique personality and how you interact with others. Sometimes talking with the people who know you the best can aid your self-awareness.

Essay Question #3: “Describe a time you meaningfully contributed to someone else’s sense of inclusion in your professional or personal community.”

Tuck is a team-oriented culture. It’s essential to be an encouraging person who wants to develop others; this essay is another place to show that quality. It can also show your personality and teamwork skills.

Diversity is an important value to Tuck, and this essay can be a place for you to showcase your own commitment to diversity. As Harrison writes: “At Tuck we honor diversity in all its forms, welcome each person as they are, and provide the spaces and opportunities to engage in respectful, meaningful, and growth-oriented discussion and debate.”

Think about times you invested in another person’s success, even when inconvenient. Maybe you helped a competitor at work. Or, perhaps you helped someone who was not in a position to reciprocate. It’s easy to help others in a low-stakes environment. It is hard to be encouraging when it doesn’t personally benefit you.

Think about your behavior in a team. Do you help your teammates understand issues or hold up team progress? How do you resolve conflict? When have you helped someone when it was not noticed or required? Choose a time when you have truly been an encouraging and helpful teammate. Explain the situation, what you did, and the result.

If you learned any lessons that you have applied since then, describe those lessons.

Tuck MBA essays

Please provide any additional insight or information that you have not addressed elsewhere (e.g., atypical choice of references, factors affecting academic performance, unexplained job gaps or changes). Complete this question only if you feel your candidacy is not fully represented by this application. (300 words)

This optional essay is designed only for you to use as needed. If you feel that the rest of the application has fully described your personal qualities and accomplishments, no need to write this one. However, do use this essay if you need to explain anything to the admissions committee.

Examples of necessary explanations include a low GPA or academic probation. Or, perhaps you have gaps in your work experience or a non-professional recommender. If anything in your application may raise questions, clear up those doubts in this essay.

Ideally, an optional essay is brief, to the point, and focuses on the future. Succinctly explain what happened. Then, focus on how you improved and will continue to improve. Remain forward-looking and optimistic.


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