Essay Review – Getting a second opinion

Tis the season for essay writing. Experience-My Life‘s recent blog is appropriately titled “essays, essays, essays.” With the HBS and Insead deadlines rapidly approaching, many applicants are looking to get feedback on their essays. Round one game plan has a list of potential reviewers including family and friends.

It can be very helpful to get an objective second review of your essays. However, you should be savvy in selecting your reviewers. Here are some tips:

Select 1-2 people who know you well and can iterate a few times rather than 5-6 different people
*Too many cooks in the kitchen results in too many ”˜voices’ being reflected in your essays
*Everyone will have a different opinion

Pick someone who understands the process

Give them the entire package at once so they can help identify weaknesses in the overall package rather than the quality of a particular essay. Feedback will be more actionable, effective, and holistic
* E.g., your app is weak on leadership rather than this essay is lacking energy

Save comments on grammar until the very end

Also remember to check out our essay tips for Chicago, Columbia, Darden, Tuck, HBS, Kellogg, Ross, Sloan, Stanford, UCLA, Wharton, and Yale.

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