INSEAD 2012-2013 Deadlines

The deadlines for INSEAD’s  2012-2013 MBA program application are now available online.

Round 1
Deadline: October 3, 2012
Interview Decision Notification: November 9, 2012
Final Decision Notification: December 21, 2012

Round 2
Deadline: December 5, 2012
Interview Decision Notification: January 18, 2013
Final Decision Notification: March 1, 2013

Round 3
Deadline: March 13, 2013
Interview Decision Notification: April 19, 2013
Final Decision Notification: May 31, 2013

To be included in a specific round, applications must be complete and submitted by midnight Central European Time on the day of deadline.

INSEAD reminds applicants that competition for each round is relatively equal, so there is generally little advantage to be gained by early application.  Whenever you apply, please make sure that you submit a complete and well-prepared application pack.

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2 Responses to INSEAD 2012-2013 Deadlines

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hi Stacy,

    Is INSEAD the first school to give 2012-13 deadlines? When do the other ones become available in general?


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