Interviewing for the Chicago Booth MBA Program

In the latest update to the Full-Time MBA Admissions Blog at Chicago Booth School of Business, associate director of admissions Kelley Curtin takes a moment to dispel a few of the many misconceptions regarding the interview process that have cropped up during her recent meetings on the road with prospective students.

Here are some of the key points to remember after hitting submit on your application to Chicago Booth while you await an interview.

  • After submitting your application, Chicago Booth will process it to make sure the application contains all necessary materials.
  • Once complete, admissions will review the material to determine if the applicant should be invited to interview.
  • As a rule of thumb, Chicago Booth invites approximately half of the applicant pool to interview each year.
  • Those invited to interview may do so with alumni in the city they live/work in, or on campus with an Admissions Fellow (second-year students who assist admissions in reviewing/evaluating files).

Curtin stresses that Chicago Booth truly has no preference as to where you interview, as admissions understands that many applicants may live too far away or have work obligations that hinder travel.

“We are fortunate to have an outstanding network of alumni who are willing to conduct admissions interviews,” she says.  “Scheduling an interview with one of our alums is a great way to learn about the Chicago Booth alumni network in your city.”

Opportunities to interview with Chicago Booth abound, whether you choose to do so on or off campus, Curtin assures applicants. She also notes that in the case where the school doesn’t  have adequate alumni representation in a city,  a member of the Admissions team might be sent to that city to conduct interviews.

Whether you’re gearing up to apply in Round 2, or finalizing your essays for the October 13th Round 1 deadline, take a look at our Chicago Booth essay tips for advice on how to demonstrate your strengths in the three core elements on which Chicago evaluates candidates.

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