Magoosh Breaks Down New Vs. Old GRE

Attention, all blog readers who may be considering sitting for the GRE instead of, or in addition to, the GMAT as part of your B-school application.

Our test prep friends Magoosh have just launched this nifty infographic and video to contrast the New vs. Old GRE with respect to format, content, and scoring. Take a look below…they’re a really fun, simple, informative way to understand a lot of potentially confusing information!

Interested in reading more? Click HERE to see more test prep advice.

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3 Responses to Magoosh Breaks Down New Vs. Old GRE

  1. amala says:

    please tell me more about your coaching. i would like to enroll.

  2. Amala,
    Thanks for your interest.
    You can sign up for a free consultation here:
    Or explore our website:
    for more information.

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