MBA in the News: Scandal and Sport at Duke

Several news sources including have reported that Fuqua has disciplined thirty-four first year MBA students for violating the school’s honor code. The disciplinary action ranges from failing grades to expulsion. The Duke administration has received praise for not only enforcing the honor code but also going public with this story. Said Aine Donovan of the Dartmouth College Ethics Institute, “‘[Duke] really lead[s] the way on the honor code.'” According to, a professor noticed similarities in a take home exam. A total of nine students have been expelled. The students have the opportunity to appeal the judicial board’s decision.

Life goes on at Fuqua though as they hosted the 2007 Duke MBA Rugby Tournament. Harbus, the student weekly paper at HBS, reports that the HBS team came in second to University College Dublin’s Smurfit Business School team.  Apparently this was a rematch of the finals at LBS a few months ago.  So if all of you prospective applicants thought your only travel during business school would be for interviews, vacations, or maybe a study trip, you are mistaken. Apparently rugby can help you go global as well.

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