MBA News: Power point in applications?

Chicago changed their essays this year to include a question requesting a response in power point. For years NYU has given candidates the option to present themselves outside of the traditional essay structure. covers these schools and others in their post Applying Oneself, Creatively.

The article explores this trend and the mixed reactions of applicants. While at first some applicants are intimidated by the option, according to the executive director of NYU‘s MBA admissions office, eventually they appreciate the opportunity to think outside of the box. Candidates have submitted “essays” as varied as cakes, photos of a tree house, and a Chinese scroll. comments on Chicago‘s inclusion of power point as an indication of this medium’s pervasiveness in the business culture. But notes that Chicago is hoping power point moves applicants away from a traditional frame of mind:

“We wanted to have a freeform space for students to be able to say what they think is important, not always having the school run that dialogue,” said Rose Martinelli, associate dean for student recruitment and admissions. “To me this is just four pieces of blank paper. You do what you want. It can be a presentation. It can be poetry. It can be anything.”

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