New Blog from IU Kelley’s Online MBA Program

Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business launched a new blog last week from Kelley Direct—the first online MBA program established by a top-ranked business school in 1999.

Led by Phil Powell, Kelley Direct Faculty Chair and a professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, the MBA Propheteer blog aims to become a hub of thought, debate and ideas in the b-school world ”“ a place where discussions cover the newest challenges and opportunities for MBA programs.

“Our students lay waste to the myth that online MBA students are not on par with their residential MBA peers,” says Powell in his inaugural post, explaining that most students work in Fortune 500 companies and graduate with a 36% salary bump.  “The market values the Kelley School’s online MBA as well as it does its nationally ranked residential MBA,” he adds.

In his second entry, learn why personal relationships are even more important in the online learning environment, and why the online MBA is not a fundamental innovation. Powell argues that the online MBA is not distant education.  Distance education a misnomer, he says, as it “implies correspondence learning, lack of peer collaboration, and limited access to the faculty member ”“ elements that describe the worst possible MBA experience.”

If you’re thinking about pursuing an MBA online, consider checking in regularly with Phil and MBA Propheteer as he explores the evolving world of online education, business and the broader landscape. For the latest updates, you can also follow MBA Propheteer on Twitter (@MBAPropheteer).

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