NYU Stern Essay Tips

NYU Stern Essay 1. Professional Aspirations:
Think about the decisions you have made in your life. Answer the following:

(a) What choices have you made that led you to your current position?
Instead of simply asking for your career history as many schools do, NYU Stern asks for the “why” behind your career history. NYU Stern is trying to help you avoid the pitfall of just listing out your resume bullets in essay form. Follow their instructions and explain the motivation behind each career move. Emphasize the positive from each experience and demonstrate that you apply lessons learned in the choices you make. If you have had a few random twists and turns, this is a great opportunity to explain your reasoning for making changes.

(b) Why pursue an MBA at this point in your life?
This is similar to Wharton Business School‘s “why now” in their career question. Explain what is motivating you to apply to school – move up in current career, change careers, etc. Feel free to expand beyond the professional and cite personal or extra-curricular experiences that are inspiring you to change courses in your career. Just be sure to articulate your reasoning and give the why behind your actions.

(c) What is your career goal upon graduation from NYU Stern? What is your long-term career goal?
Most schools ask for your short and long term career goals (Wharton Business School, Stanford MBA, Chicago Booth) As we have said with those schools, take this essay a step further than simply laying out your short and long term goals. Articulate why those goals are meangingful to you. Your career goals should in some way reflect what is important to you (this does not mean they are one and the same, but that there is some correlation). Articulate a concrete plan to create a career that reflects your values.

Essay 2. Fit with NYU Stern:
The NYU Stern community is one of our strongest assets. Please answer the following questions about our community:

(a) What is your personal experience with the NYU Stern community? What actions have you taken to learn more about us?
Haas Business School has a similar question. If you don’t have time to visit NYU Stern, then try to find ways to speak with students or alums. Maybe there’s an information session in your area. You can search your undergraduate school database for NYU Stern alums and contact them via email to hear about their experiences. Be sure to go beyond the actions you have taken to learn more to articulate how you were affected by what students or alums said or what you read. Relate your own value system to what NYU Stern values in explaining your personal experience with the NYU Stern community.

(b) How would you contribute to our community as a student?
Be specific. Research NYU Sterns classes and clubs and articulate how you will add to them. Show how you will make a difference. Take note of what’s unique about NYU Stern such as its size, culture, and NYC location and how those factors will inform you contributions.

(c) How will you benefit personally and professionally from the NYU Stern community?
Similar to the prior portion of this question, be specific. Discuss which classes and clubs will help you grow. You can mention classes and clubs that build on expertise or interests you already have as well as classes and clubs that will push you in new ways. Also what about the community or location will help you develop. Spend time on their website and talk to students and alums if possible to show that you are ready to hit the ground running and take advantage of NYU Stern.

NYU Stern Essay 3. Personal Expression:
Please describe yourself to your MBA classmates. You may use almost any method to convey your message (e.g. words, illustrations). Feel free to be creative.

All submissions become part of NYU Stern’s permanent records and cannot be returned for any reason. Please do not submit anything that must be viewed or played electronically (e.g. CDs, DVDs, MP3s, online links), that is perishable (e.g. food) or that has been worn (e.g. used clothing). If you submit a written essay, it should be 500 words maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font.
Obviously this is an opportunity to get creative. Though many applicants submit written work. Others may submit artwork, graphic presentations, or some other object that represents who they will be to their MBA classmates. Consider your background broadly (times, events, travel, experiences, and people who have been important to you) and see if you can find a theme. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings, creativity, and humor. They want to see who you will be in their class and how you will stand out.

NYU Stern Essay 4. Additional Information: (optional)
Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the NYU Stern Admissions Committee. This may include current or past gaps in employment, your undergraduate record, plans to retake the GMAT and/or TOEFL or any other relevant information.

Be concise. In addition to the situations described in the question, NYU Stern indicates that this essay can be used to explain:
*why you are unable to submit a recommendation from a current supervisor
*if you are a re-applicant from last year, how your candidacy has improved
*if you are applying to a dual degree program, please explain your decision to pursue a dual degree


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