Read Earn It: A Stress-Free & Proven Approach to Getting Into Top MBA Programs

I’d like to introduce Katie Malachuk, who began working with Stacy Blackman Consulting back in 2005.  She has a huge list of success stories and has touched many, many clients, literally changing their lives.  Katie has brought her own unique approach to the MBA admissions process, largely influenced by her other passion – yoga.   Katie is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and now has a new book.  Earn It: A Stress Free and Proven Approach to Getting Into Top MBA Programs is coming out on August 31. 

Her approach and content is very valuable for anyone applying to business school and as such we have asked her to create some videos for our blog.  This first video here is an introduction to the book and to Katie.  The videos to follow will be about various aspects of applying — round one or round two, what to do with a low gpa, how do show what’s unique about me through the essays, and more.


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