Round 2 Update from HBS Admissions

On Friday, Harvard Business School‘s director of MBA admissions, Dee Leopold, shared the following details regarding Round 2 interview invitations:

  • Interview invitations will go out in two waves: January 27 and February 3
  • All candidates not being invited to interview will receive notice of their “release” on February 3
  • All 2+2 candidates will receive an invitation or be released on February 3
  • Interviews will take place between February 11 and March 4
  • Campus Interview Days will offer opportunities for class visits, student and faculty panels, and campus tours
  • Hub cities this round are:
    • London, Paris, Mumbai, Dubai, Tokyo, Menlo Park, and NYC

Our advice here at Stacy Blackman Consulting for anyone interviewing at Harvard Business School is this:

As you prepare for your interview, one of the most important tips to remember is to sound natural—not scripted—during the exchange.  Instead of trying to remember and include every last one of your memorized bullet points, focus on succinctly answering only the question at hand.

If you can get from point A to point B in a clear, logical way; maintain an open, friendly, and professional demeanor; dress appropriately; and have an inquisitive attitude about the school and all it has to offer students, you stand a very good chance of coming out of the interview with flying colors.

Good luck, HBS applicants!

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