SBC’s New MBA Social Impact Accelerator Receives Rave Reviews

MBA Social Impact Accelerator

Stacy Blackman Consulting recently launched a unique offering: the MBA Social Impact Accelerator Package. We’re proud to say that this is the first MBA consulting bundle in the world tailored to the distinct needs of social impact applicants—and we’re thrilled with the response from applicants so far. 

(For a three-minute video overview of the program, please click here.)    

“The MBA Social Impact Accelerator materials are very useful and my consultant’s guidance on my essays has been INCREDIBLE. I seriously don’t know how he does it… yesterday he literally spent 25 minutes sharing comments and suggestions about an essay I was working on—and his insights helped me transform the entire piece.

With his guidance, I am confident I can take my writing to a whole new level and make this essay the very best version of itself.” –SBC Round 1 Applicant, 2021

What is the MBA Social Impact Accelerator package?

SBC’s bold new offering centers on social impact-focused applicants and pairs our one-on-one consulting model with a suite of supplemental resources. We created the Accelerator in collaboration with Chandler Arnold—a Stanford GSB/HBS dual admit, 20-year serial social entrepreneur, and longtime SBC partner.

Chandler and the team have combined their decades of experience with extensive input from MBA admissions officers, social impact leaders, and purpose-driven students and alums from the world’s top business schools.

SBC recognizes the financial constraints that social-impact-focused applicants may face. That’s why we’re proud of both the power of this program—and the fact that this product is priced more affordably than other offerings. 

Who should accelerate?

The MBA Social Impact Accelerator is for applicants with a demonstrated past commitment to social impact work. By this, we mean a full-time position at a nonprofit organization or a full-time job focused on social impact in the government or at a private-sector enterprise.

These are candidates who plan to expand their social impact and advocacy work via their MBA program experience. Interested clients will need to demonstrate their commitment to social impact by sharing their resume and a brief statement explaining why they should be considered for the Accelerator. 

MBA Social Impact Accelerator

What is included?

This MBA Social Impact Accelerator pairs individual one-on-one consulting with a suite of new resources designed to guide social impact-focused applicants through each element of the application, including: 

  • The MBA School Selection Guide for social impact-focused applicants. This 35-page resource analyzes social impact initiatives at 15 of the country’s top MBA programs, along with spotlights on faculty, courses, and clubs that might interest purpose-driven candidates. The guide also includes behind-the-scenes tips and suggestions from students and alumni from each program. 
  • Five 40-minute Inside Track videos with advice from top admissions officers focused on resume writing, short and long-term goal planning, letters of recommendation, essay writing, and interview prep.
  • Five Inside Track working modules. To make the most out of every minute with your consultant, these modules offer tips and exercises aligned with the Inside Track videos to get a jump-start on your application.
  • One-on-one time with your consultant, including scalable options, gives you precisely the number of hours you need.

How much does this cost? 

We’ve priced these product options with accessibility in mind, recognizing that many social impact-focused applicants face financial constraints. The MBA Social Impact Accelerator Package costs $4,500 and includes the above resources, plus 12-to-13 hours of individual consulting with an SBC team member passionate about social impact.

Applicants purchasing this package can also add any number of additional consulting hours to meet their exact consulting needs. The MBA Social Impact Accelerator Supplemental Resources (without the consulting hours) are also available a la carte for $795. 

What are clients saying? 

We’ve been thrilled by the positive response to this offering by social impact-focused applicants, who had this to say about their experiences:

My consultant was an absolute pleasure to work with on the MBA Social Impact Accelerator program. He was deeply knowledgeable about the social impact space, responsive, and very insightful. As someone from a non-traditional background, I didn’t know all the particulars of how to approach the MBA process, and he was very helpful, especially with my essays, and giving me insightful advice related to social impact goals.

Perhaps most importantly, my consultant also gently pushed me to lean into my unique strengths and to tell my story in my most authentic way throughout the process. I just submitted my applications, and I feel so much more confident about what I have put together thanks to this offering. More broadly, as someone with deep knowledge of the social impact space, my consultant also shared powerful career guidance I will take with me long after the application process is over! I strongly recommend this program to anyone applying to business school who is passionate about social impact. —Sarah, 2021 Round One Applicant  


I started working with my consultant a few weeks ago and wanted to reach out to say thank you. The MBA Social Impact Accelerator materials are very useful, and my consultant’s guidance on my essays has been INCREDIBLE. I seriously don’t know how he does it. Yesterday he literally spent 25 minutes sharing comments and suggestions about an essay I was working on—and his insights helped me transform the entire piece.

With his suggestions, I am confident I can take my writing to a whole new level and make this essay the very best version of itself. My work with my consultant has already been one of the most valuable investments I have made on my MBA journey. Even though we are still in the middle of our work together, I am certain that collaborating with my consultant has improved my application immensely, much more than I could have done on my own! —Ty, 2021 Round One Applicant


Please note: Space for the MBA Social Impact Accelerator Package is limited. These openings will fill up on a first-come, first-served basis.

Want to learn more? Check out this three-minute overview video or listen to our B-Schooled podcast about the MBA Social Impact Accelerator. You are also welcome to reach out to us at or by calling 866.667.8229.

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