School Profile: Haas Real Estate

More and more we hear from applicants who are interested in real estate. Haas Real Estate features a Real Estate program to prepare students for “career paths such as real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate operating companies, real estate developers, financial institutions, investment banks, consulting firms, and e-commerce startups.”

The program combines analytics and field experience, and students can focus on financial analysis, real estate finance and securitization, project development, and e-commerce strategies. There are specific real estate courses (using lecture and case methods) as well as student initiated projects and exposure to industry leaders.

Of course there are also opportunities for internships, competitions, and a Real Estate Club. Nancy Wallace, chair of the Haas Real Estate Group, said in a recent BusinessWeek.Com feature, “[Students] don’t just set up Excel spreadsheets and run numbers…They understand that where you put the door on the loading docks and how you use the [construction] site all matters.” Further, the article says that Haas offers specialized career placement services for students on the real estate track.

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