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This week, we bring you the latest from business school applicants as they sound off on life in the trenches.

A great Haas coffee chatMBA Miles had fun, made new friends and cemented his desire to go to Haas at the school’s recent meet-and-greet in Bangalore.  Some key take-aways from the experience: Haas really has a laid-back, California casual approach to business; the entrepreneurship bug is rampant and students have multiple avenues for participating; a break down of the points and bid system for electives…an approach MBA Miles quite liked.

That’s some pre-MBA itinerary!TienyChesney has plans to visit San Francisco, Australia, Canada, London and China before embarking on his Columbia MBA in the fall. Despite  his destination-a-month plan to stave of severe job hatred, TienyChesney is entertaining thoughts of quiting to become a sweater-folder at J.Crew. Anyone else out there feel the same?

Whiling away the wait timeMaxwriter checks in with his first post of the year after a couple of mini-vacations to Ranchi and Ahmedabad. Although a search for a summer internship is underway, Maxwriter acknowledges that the global recession will soon be hitting India’s shores in earnest. With scholarships drying up and the prospect of a $150 thousand loan on his head come graduation from Columbia, Maxwriter admits he’s got plenty of problems to think about.

Major congrats are in orderB-School Bound shared exciting news last week with the announcement that he’s been accepted to the Goizueta Business School…with a full scholarship! After posting the previous day about the agony of being on three  “weight lists”, the joy must be flowing now.

Tips from Kellogg alumniManaging Magic recently met with a Kellogg interviewer and other assorted alumni, where he garnered some valuable tips over drinks. The number #1 tip? Be prepared for American weirdness. Go figure…

Is it suicide to do an MBA now?Omne can’t believe the threads on the BusinessWeek forums these days, which say if you’re not in at a top six school — Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago Booth, Kellogg or MIT Sloan — you might as well not go, since you’ll be screwed after graduation and won’t get any job offers. His response? “I’ll be damned if I let a few cautious stories scare me.”



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