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This week, we bring you the view from the front lines with business school applicants, students and professors sounding off on life in the trenches.

Lessons from the MBA journeyAhembeea spent some time reflecting on the MBA application process last week and offers four lessons learned as well as what he’d do differently if the chance arose.

The power and importance of blogging — With test prep and application deadlines looming, Mission MBA wondered some time ago whether starting an applicant blog was really a good idea. “Well, as I look back,” he says, “It has been one of the best steps I have taken along the apping journey.”

Performance measurement of a different sort Maybe MBA (Chicago Booth) takes issue with a grading system that tries to quantify almost imperceptible differences in an above-average group. “If you have a group of hard-working people who all did a damn good job, what’s the matter with splitting the pie and calling it a day?” she argues.

The “G20 freak circus is in town”The Ruminator (LBS) brings his usual scathing commentary to the hullabaloo surrounding the G20 summit in London. “Protest-antics aside,” he says, “The G20 itself seems a bit of an unhappy and artificial construct of a family.”

INSEAD is like  middle schoolRant & Ramble at INSEAD says her classmates typically reconnect with their childhoods by “drinking enough vodka to kill a bear, hooking up with their groupmate, showing midriff in class,wearing hot pants, costume parties, getting obsessed with a classmate to the point of stalking them.”

A curious restatement of the credit problem — On the Socializing Finance blog, Martha Poon, a visiting scholar at Columbia University’s Center on Organizational Innovation, takes issue with a statement made in the New York Times recently that the problem today is getting qualified people to borrow money.

Debate on blame rages onStanford professor and business guru Bob Sutton offers his two cents on the ongoing debate at the Harvard Business Review website of whether business schools are to blame for the current financial meltdown.


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