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Miscellaneous updates from HBSHarvard Business School director of admissions and financial aid Dee Leopold had a few updates late last week that will affect Round 1 applicants this fall, current waitlisted applicants and international students trying to figure out the intricacies of financial aid. Here’s a hint: good news is coming!

Turning down McCombsMBADreamer moved to Bangalore last week and is getting settled in at IIMB.  The offer from McCombs came the last day before leaving the U.S., but after much deliberation, he decided to deny the offer and make a go of it in India. I’ll know after a year whether I made the right decision, he says.

Decision time — Getting into Wake Forest (w/ full scholarship!) is one thing, but now Omne is in the midst of making some decisions large and small regarding career and school. When to quit working, housing options, where to travel internationally…the journey has begun.

Graduation Day and a new chapter beginsThe Teacher reflected on this moment in life, in which his wife has earned an MBA and he is about to embark on that same journey. A speech by Kellogg dean Dipak Jain stole the show, and his philosophy that humans should follow the refrigerator principle in life– if things are kept cool, they stay fresh for a longer period of time–was the ultimate mood booster.

And your favorite class is… — On the Darden MBA Student Blog, Bill Gray shares what have been his favorite courses this year, and the results were surprising… even to him. Rather than the quantitative classes–an obvious choice for someone with an engineering background–Gray realized he was learning far more in the ‘softer’ courses like ‘Business Ethics Through Literature.’

Waning willingness to blog — With her time at McDonough drawing to a close, MBA for HairTwirler steps back a bit from blogging as impending nuptials, job hunting and Netflix gain greater importance. “I almost killed myself in the fall by taking ridiculous classes I barely understood simultaneously,” she says, so check out the lighter course load she’s taking this module.

Some good things at HBS — In response to controversy generated by an earlier post, CS@HBS shares the serious side of her MBA experience and sets the record straight that it’s not all partying and good times in Slackerville.

$30 billion a year, thanks to Steve JobsStanford professor and business guru Bob Sutton links to an article in Portfolio which estimates that Steve Jobs adds $30 billion a year to the economy. As a professed Apple lover, Sutton thinks Jobs will go down in history with the likes of Thomas Edison.


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