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Welcome back to another edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, where we share the latest goings-on from the MBA application trenches. This week, our Buzz bloggers embrace their obsessive, err, make that passionate, side; gather valuable life lessons from the internship experience; and confess to an uncommon appreciation for the GMAT exam.

When obsession is a good thing–It goes without saying that just about every applicant exhibits borderline obsessive-compulsive behavior throughout the MBA application process. In The Phoenix‘s recent post, he explains how preparing for business school has taken over his life–much to his wife’s chagrin–and explains what he hopes to achieve by earning the MBA degree.

Making sense of the HBS age curve— The Military to Business blog recently attempted to examine the trends in the age of admission at Harvard Business School. While the program has accepted more older applicants for the Class of 2014, it seems it’s still quite advantageous to apply by age 26. Also, MtoB says a noticeable tilt away from finance and toward manufacturing and high tech/communications is likely contributing to the slight shift in age distribution, since candidates from industry typically have more work experience prior to applying.

Internship lessons learned— The MBA internship is a valuable learning opportunity, especially when it affords you the chance to learn some important lessons about yourself. After maintaining months of silence in the blogosphere, Elgarvouj is back this week with anecdotes from his lengthy Amgen internship. He says the two stories relate to one key lesson ”“ properly extinguishing a small flame before it becomes a raging fire.

The GMAT…more than just a test— Many (dare we say, most?) applicants view the GMAT as a hurdle to overcome on the road to b-school acceptance. Sanket says it’s much more than just a standardized test to him—it’s about taking comfort in the faith his parents place in him, developing verbal skills that will be invaluable when the time comes to analyze 20+ page case studies, and developing a system of self-discipline that roots out procrastination.

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