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The Wharton MBA Admissions Blog offers comfort and guidance to candidates on their summer waitlist. While sympathetic to the frustrations such candidates may be experiencing right now, Wharton implores them to refrain from spending countless hours “developing creative ways to keep in touch and win us over.”

Greek Entrepreneur illustrates a popular charade while communicating. As he sees it, the only two means of effective communication are “speaking the listener’s language”, or, “explaining our terms using his experiences”.

Through her company, Happy Bunny helped raise nearly $15,000 last week for the Chinese earthquake relief fund. Way to go!

Necromonger revisits a post made before starting at INSEAD on the return on investment of an MBA. Now close to finishing the program, he is ever more convinced of the futility of making ROI calculations, especially for those graduating from top programs.

As the term at Chicago GSB ends, Etc and Etc celebrates having earned half an MBA and looks forward to a visit to Chile after finals…provided the visa process goes smoothly!

The Divine Miss N takes issue with personal labels as she juggles perception issues created by being both a designer and an MBA from LBS.

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