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MBA applicant Samantha has been struck by a bit of writer’s block this week as she started working on her essays. It’s probably hard to get motivated after spending a few hours in a mind-numbing finance class.

Musings Behind Admissions waxes poetic this week–somewhat glumly–with the same journey…through the same path…the destination nowhere in sight.

While getting ready for her turn down the aisle as a bridesmaid this weekend, MBA for HairTwirler offers an insightful comparison of how getting married is like business school.

Resigned to a marathon commute from Orange County, Calif. to Wharton West in the Bay Area each week, Umer Khan has signed up for Clear— a service that allows travelers to bypass the long security lines at airports like Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. Let’s hope this helps take the sting out of his travels.

New Columbia grad John Gannon celebrates his celebrity after having his thoughts after graduation picked up by CBS’s Public Offering.

The Tulane University Freeman School Blog has a few gripes to share about certain elements marring the MBA experience: too many JD/MBAs, the “5 year’s”, and an excess of international students.

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