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BadDancer does a guest post on Tinydancer‘s blog, sharing a glimpse of what life is like with a Wharton wife. Has Wharton become the proverbial third wheel in their relationship?

Soni checked in with a couple of posts last week; one profiles his experience at the MBADiversity Symposium, and another lays down some ground rules for a few readers of his blog who have stepped over the line.

MBA Veggie explains the criteria for his school choices based on location, brand/prestige, career prospects, culture and curriculum.

Mbawire offers random thoughts/observations/takeways from lunch with a recent Wharton grad.

Neo finds the silver lining in being waitlisted, which definitely ranks above a straight-out ding.

Omne’s feeling some angst over schools that have yet to post their applications online, and over the slew of news articles about a surge in applications making it almost impossible to gain admittance into a top school.

Goneguru has done some reshuffling of priorities and decided to put off the application process for another year.

Mission MBA has a brilliant tip to help essays plagued by the dreaded digression syndrome: have your most trusted reviewers read only the body of the text and try to guess what is the question being asked.

The Tulane University blog offers some insight into hurricane evacuation–MBA style.

With Term 2 now underway, Umer has several Term 1 observations about the Wharton MBA west to share.

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