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B-Schooled Podcast Episode #73: 3 Round 1 Submission Do’s and Don’ts

As Round 1 draws to a close, MBA applicants often “panic into error” when they get stressed about finally hitting “submit.” This B-Schooled episode covers three things you should do before turning all of …

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B-Schooled Episode #21: Data Form Do’s and Don’ts

In this new episode of the B-Schooled podcast, we cover how to make the most of the data form—or the actual online application itself—which is made up of several informational data fields, dropdowns selections, and …

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Interview Do’s and Don’ts from USC Marshall

Ecstatic round one applicants have begun to receive invitations to interview with the MBA programs of their dreams, so there’s no time like the present to review some basic interview etiquette, courtesy of this video …

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