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In some ways this can be the hardest time in the application year. Applications are starting to get posted, so there’s no real reason to procrastinate. But it can be hard to get moving. A few bloggers have shown the effectiveness of just taking a small first step.

Journey matters, not the destination channeled nerves into writing a short autobiography. This type of introspective, free form writing is great practice for your essays. One of our consultants, Jeremy Dann, has written on our blog about keeping a notebook for ideas and journaling. These activities can prime your writing pump and then you’ll find it’s easier to begin tackling an actual essay.

i think i’ll go to boston took a small step on school research and reached out to a local HBS alum after finding him in a database. The alum actually called back and gave out an invitation to come to his home and chat about HBS. Taking that small step is going to result in information on HBS which will help in tackling that application.

When there’s so much to do, taking a little action can be your smartest move. Rather than thinking you need to finalize your school list tonight and write all of your essays this weekend, just take a few small steps and the rest will follow naturally.

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