The Bigger Picture: Free Falling

On Monday, September 25, my husband texted me: “Do you want to go to Tom Petty tonight?” Tom Petty was playing at the Hollywood Bowl, about 15 minutes from our home. When I read the text, my mind immediately went to high school. I could see it so clearly, driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with friends, belting out the lyrics to “Free Falling”. Going to see Tom Petty at the Hollywood Bowl would be fun. But…homework, soccer practice, guitar lessons… So, no, we did not go.

A week later Tom Petty was dead and no one would ever have the opportunity to see him in concert again.

I was sad to hear the news of Tom Petty, and somehow took it more personally given my missed chance to see him one last time. It hit home for me that all we really have is today. I’d never seen him in concert before; that was done. And now I could never see him in the future. All I had for sure was that one moment, and the moment passed.

With all that said, it’s a minor regret. Life will go on for me and those I love, pretty much the same as ever, with or without Tom Petty. Most of the decisions that we make in a single day are like that. Hamburger or hot dog? Red shirt or blue? The Office or Parks and Rec? Lots of little decisions that don’t seem to matter all that much outside of that very moment.

Except they do matter.

Those decisions make up the matter of our lives.

Every single day, there are hundreds of forks in the road. The little and big decisions that we make determine the course of our lives.

Because...I got just one life.
Well I know what’s right…I got just one life…

Decide to work on your application tonight. Eat well all day today. Call the person you love right now. Go for a walk. Buy the flowers. Download the book. Today.

Today matters. Each decision matters. We got just one life.

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