The MBA for Busy Lives

Busy lives – between family, lucrative jobs, expenses and more, many people do not have the time or freedom to take two years away from “real life”, relocate and experience a full time, two year MBA program. Fortunately, there are some fantastic alternatives, and more are being introduced regularly. Today we will explore a couple of unique options.

Duke’s Fuqua School of Business has several innovative and flexible programs. The Weekend Executive MBA is a 20 month program. You will attend classes all day Friday and Saturday until 3pm on Duke’s campus on alternating weekends. This program is best for experienced individuals with approximately 10 years of work experience. Fuqua’s Global Executive MBA is an 18 month program with more senior executives (average of 14 years work experience). This program combines unique residential sessions in Asia, South America, Europe and the United States with Internet-enabled distance learning. In this program you will complete five terms – in each term you will have a two week residential classroom session and 10-12 weeks of Internet enabled course work. Finally, the Cross Continent Program targets individuals with six years of work experience on average. Students in this program will complete 8 terms that combine resudential and online learning. Six of the terms are in North Carolina, one is in Europe and one is in Asia.

NYU Stern’s Langone Program is consistently ranked as the #1 part-time program in the US. In addition to evening and weekend classes, the Langone Program will now also offer courses in a new Westchester location. The Langone Program features intensive courses, as well as an array of classroom-enhancing online tools. It’s a fantastic option for individuals in the NY area who don’t want to (or can’t) give up their day job!

INSEAD’s full time program is one year, which makes it a more realistic option for many. They also offer an Executive MBA. For insights into life at INSEAD, check out Finance Monkey, Auris and Zanat0s.

Columbia offers an Accelerated Program in the US, known as “J term”, as it begins in January and runs for 16 months. It’s the same curriculum as the regular program, but there is no summer internship, allowing students to compact the full experience into a shorter period of time. Read about this program at J Term johnny. Columbia has also joined forces with Berkeley to create the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA program. This program spans 19 months, and meets for long weekends on both coasts.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many programs – I do believe there is something for everyone.

And speaking of busy lives and living on the go, if you do not have time to sit and read this blog, here is something for you: Odiogo. Turn the blog into a podcast and download it onto your iPod. Now you can be even more productive on your commute!

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