Think about your CANDIDACY first and your APPLICATION second

By Jeremy Dann

MBA candidates targeting first round deadlines have either submitted their applications or are in the final phases of managing word counts, proofreading their essays and preparing for interviews.  But b-school applicants aiming for second and third round deadlines still have a ton of opportunities to work on not only their applications, but also their candidacies as well.

With two and a half months beforemost second round due dates and a good four-plus months before third round deadlines, candidates can definitely bolster their candidacies by doing some pretty straighforward activities:

  • Amp up community service involvement by seeking leadership roles or reconnect with causes you’ve worked on in the past
  • Seek out new repsonsibilities at work
  • Travel to locales that might provide fodder for essay and interview answers
  • Read books and magazines that further develop interests you will be discussing in your app

To read more about how to improve your *candidacy* check out this blog entry from a couple of months ago.  You still have a lot of opportunities; make the most of them!

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