Updates to GMAT Online Exam

GMAT online exam

Beginning September 23, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) will allow candidates to take the GMAT Online exam two times.  Future GMAT Online exam attempts will now be included in the GMAT rolling 12-month and lifetime limit caps.

GMAC will exclude any online exams taken before September 23 from the lifetime limit cap to honor its stated policies before this update.

“It’s important to us that candidates feel confident to be at their best on exam day, whether in a test center or at home, and the ability for candidates to retake the online assessment is consistent with that mission,” explains Vineet Chhabra, senior director and head of the GMAT product at GMAC.

“This change brings with it the opportunity for test-takers to improve their score, while also providing peace of mind and the flexibility of having an online retesting option should there be uncertainty of test center availability.”

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, GMAC has focused on helping candidates and schools continue to operate in an ever-changing environment. GMAC quickly implemented an online solution allowing candidates to meet critical b-school application deadlines. Correspondingly, the new online exam provided schools the ability to continue their evaluation of talent.

As the pandemic evolved, GMAC extended its online exam availability through the end of 2020. Ongoing test enhancements include allowing test-takers to review their score before sending it to schools. GMAC also allows for the use of physical whiteboards and introduced accommodations for test-takers with disabilities.

Fee Changes for the GMAT Online Exam

GMAC has also announced that it will reinstate cancelation and rescheduling fees. Likewise, it will increase the exam price to align more closely with the in-person GMAT. As of September 23, the price for the GMAT Online exam will increase from $200 to $250.  The fee to reschedule the GMAT Online exam appointment will be US$25 with a US$100 fee to cancel an exam.

“As COVID-19 began to take hold, we showed a proclivity for speed, putting solutions in place to support an immediate need, while recognizing the suddenness and challenges facing our test takers and schools,” Chhabra continued. “Now that we’ve made the transition to include a virtual option, we will continue to provide candidates with flexibility and choice.”

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