Waiting for your HBS Interview?

Here’s an update for those waiting for admissions news from HBS. Dee Leopold, Managing Director Admissions and Financial Aid, says in a 2/19/08 blog post, “We are about 4 weeks from Round Two notification date on March 26. Members of the Admissions Board are getting ready to travel to Europe, Asia, and the West Coast to conduct interviews. While interview invitations will continue to be issued up until notification date, it is fair to say that the vast majority have been sent.”

Some Round Two applicants ”” both those who have been interviewed and those who haven’t ”” will be invited to join the wait list on March 26.

Round One applicants on the wait list will continue to receive periodic updates from the Admissions Office.

A couple of bloggers share their experiences as they wait for the HBS interview invitation:

Sustained Agony: MBA Admissions in Yay Chicago, Boo Harvard

Oops! I plan to do it again in This should be a write-off

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