Want to be a Haas Business School Degree? Follow These 4 Tips

“What you should be doing now if you want to be an MBA” is the provocative title of a recent post on the Berkeley MBA Student Blogs. Amazed by the brilliance of his fellow classmates, Haas School of Business student blogger Brian Guenther offers the following thoughts on what it takes to be a Haas MBA, and what prospective students should be doing today to get ready.

  • Be more than smart; be knowledgeable. Start getting to know your industries and areas of interest. “Knowing a lot about the areas you are truly interested in is going to show in your club activities, chats with classmates, and even your class discussions,” Guenther says.
  • Read the Economist, Wall Street Journal and niche blogs dedicated to your areas of interest.
  • Revel in the dynamics of business, learn more about business heroes like Warren Buffett, and come up with a list of companies you really respect, Guenther advises.
  • Start getting comfortable commenting on vague or esoteric business questions, Guenther urges, because in a short amount of time, your boss is going to be looking to you for the answers.

The adage “know thyself” is particularly important when embarking on an MBA program since you won’t have time to take advantage of even a fraction of the great opportunities available to you, Guenther says, so figure out what your objectives are and how best to fulfill them.

“Be flexible and know your top two or three goals and how you want to meet them,” Guenther adds. “If you know yourself, you’re going to have a great time during your MBA and you’ll come out ahead on the other side.”


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