Who Are the Most Satisfied MBAs?

Are you banking on the belief that earning an MBA is the golden ticket for contentment? You may want to assess the satisfaction index of b-school grads that have gone before you, suggests a recent Forbes.com article on the most satisfied business school graduates.

Harvard Business School does top Forbes’s rankings when it comes to return on investment, but apparently, money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness—overall satisfaction with their MBA degrees ranks 20th out of 50 U.S. b-schools, and their happiness level at their current jobs is ranked 31st. So just how does Forbes measure satisfaction?

Forbes reached out to 16,000 alumni that graduated in 2006 from more than 100 schools around the world to gauge satisfaction. We heard back from nearly 5,000 of them. We looked at satisfaction in three areas: MBA education, current job and preparedness relative to other MBA alumni. We averaged the three satisfaction ratings to put together our list of the most satisfied b-school grads.

Turns out, the most satisfied grads come from Stanford Graduate School of Business, which ranked in the top five among U.S. schools in all three areas of satisfaction in which alumni were surveyed, Forbes.com states. Stanford MBAs also ranked as the most satisfied two years ago when alumni were last surveyed. Stanford ranked second this year in the magazine’s ROI ranking.

Getting into über competitive Stanford GSB may kick-start the good feelings— 6,618 applicants competed for just 397 spots in the Class of 2013, Forbes.com reports. The second most satisfied b-school alumni are at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, and MIT Sloan School of Management, Chicago Booth School of Business, and Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business round out the top five.

Forbes separated out business schools located outside the U.S., so to learn who are the most satisfied MBA graduates abroad, follow this link back to the complete story.



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