The following is a complete list of brag sheet questions.  Most of these items do not belong on a resume; these are the more personal and interesting elements of your background.  The information here becomes the basis of your strategy, or business school brand.

  1. List all languages of which you have knowledge (including very little knowledge), and note degree of proficiency.
  2. Where have you traveled and/or lived?  List continents, countries and interesting cities including within your native country.
  3. List all organizations with which you have done volunteer work.  This can include one afternoon at a soup kitchen ten years ago, or a deeper involvement.
  4. List all of your interests and hobbies.
  5. Are you a member of any community organizations?
  6. List all extra-curricular involvement during college, no matter how brief the involvement.
  7. List all awards or honors that you have received in college, at work, or otherwise.
  8. List three work projects that have been most interesting to you.
  9. Describe a time you failed.
  10. What is your biggest weakness?
  11. What are your greatest strengths?
  12. Describe at least one “defining moment” in your life.  Think about experiences, books, conversations, etc”¦ that have greatly impacted you and made you rethink your current path or future goals.
  13. Have you had to overcome any personal or professional hardships?
  14. Have you done any public speaking (at work, school, etc”¦)?
  15. Have you ever been promoted at work?  If so, elaborate below.
  16. Have you ever supervised anyone at work or in an extra-curricular setting?
  17. What are your computer skills?
  18. Are you married?  Do you have children?
  19. What are your favorite books?
  20. What’s your favorite song, movie, board game? 
  21. Have you ever started up a business ”“ large or extremely small?
  22. What interpersonal qualities do you believe make you unique?
  23. Have you published anything?
  24. Do you have any patents?
  25. Do you participate in any sports?   Have you run a marathon?  Are you part of a basketball league?
  26. What part of the world are your parents and grandparents from?  What is your cultural heritage?  Does your family have any unique traditions?
  27. What are your short term career goals (directly after graduating from business school)?
  28. What are your long term career goals (where do you see yourself in ten years)?
  29. What are your primary reasons for wanting to earn an MBA?
  30. Have you ever taught a class or trained someone at work?
  31. Have you been involved in recruiting for your company?


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