Since 2001, our Comprehensive Service has helped thousands of applicants gain admission to every top business school in the world.  In addition to gaining admission to their dream schools, a significant percentage of our clients also earn merit scholarships, based on the strength of their applications.

Many of our clients face application challenges such as suspension, failed classes, layoffs and low numbers.   When BusinessWeek reported on Stacy Blackman Consulting, they tracked down such a client:  “Consider the 25-year-old Blackman client with a 2.82 college GPA and a wish list of top schools. Some $5,500 and three acceptance letters later, he says: ”˜Every penny was well spent.’”

How do we help clients achieve their loftiest goals?  We have a unique and systematic process that provides clients with several layers of support, draws on extensive resources and ultimately, leaves no stone unturned in helping to craft winning application packages.

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