CASE STUDY 1: Laid off four times in four years

GPA:  3.1
GMAT:  680
Undergrad:  Psychology Major at Stanford
Activities:  Competitive swimmer in high school, volunteer swim coach
Personal:  Family originally from Mexico

Overview:  Our client was laid off four times in four years after graduating from college.  The fourth time occurred just two months before submitting his application.  He was terrified of revealing the layoffs and wanted to detail his various jobs without explaining the reason behind his transitions.

Result:  Admitted to Wharton with scholarship

Strategy:  Our client did detail his layoffs and in doing so told a story that highlighted several very positive qualities.  He was able to demonstrate resilience in his ability to successfully bounce back and grow from each disappointment.  He showed maturity and self awareness through reflection upon mistakes he had made, and through his ability to incorporate learnings.  He also illustrated resourcefulness and drive, by finally creating his own entrepreneurial opportunity that became a true platform to reaching his future goals.  Ultimately, his career roller coaster became a great launching pad to showcase many very positive qualities.

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