92% of Stacy Blackman comprehensive clients have been admitted to at least one of their top four schools.*

When you sign up with an Admissions Consulting Service, one of the most important things to consider is results. Stacy Blackman is proud of a strong track record of consistent success since 2001.

While selectivity at top MBA programs ranges from 8% to 36%, 92% of Stacy Blackman’s 4 school comprehensive clients have been admitted to at least one of their top four schools.

Our clients contact us because they are not “perfect” candidates. We help them gain admission despite holes in their background such as below average GPAs and GMAT scores.  We do not try to convince clients to apply to schools that they are not excited about just to maintain these results. Our clients’ most popular schools are Harvard, Stanford and Wharton, with almost all target schools falling within the top 20. In fact, in prior years, almost 50% of our clients who applied to Wharton were admitted. This is four times the 16% acceptance rate within the general population.

It’s clear that our approach significantly increases odds of success for our clients.

Acceptance to top schools is not the only benefit of working with Stacy Blackman Consulting. We have had years where as many as 10% of clients received unsolicited scholarships due to the high quality of their applications.  How’s that for return on investment?!

 *this represents comprehensive clients working on at least four schools who reported back to us on results.


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