The All-In Package is a unique service where you are partnered with a consultant who works with a low number of clients and is invested in your process and your success. You will have access to your consultant throughout the course of a full application season, working on most aspects of your application and adapting the process to your needs. You should feel free to communicate openly with your consultant and with the company to make sure that you are getting what you need out of the service. Under the All-In Package, we do not limit reasonable hours spent.

It’s important to understand that when you sign up for this package, you are occupying one of a limited number of slots with a given consultant and with the company. Your consultant is reserving time for you and is planning for you to apply to a certain number of schools and targeting specific deadlines.

Following your kickoff meeting, we extend you a seven day grace period during which you may make changes to your package or consulting arrangement. During this time, you may add on additional schools and still take advantage of a bulk package rate. You may also reduce the number of schools applied to, in which case the consulting fees will be reduced based upon our applicable fee schedule and the actual number of schools selected. In addition, during this seven day period, you may elect to cancel your service and be refunded minus a charge of $395 per hour for hours used and a $1,000 processing fee.

Beyond this seven day period, we do not offer full or partial refunds for this package and we do not roll over to a subsequent season (in full or a partial package). Please do not sign up for more schools than you will need and please do not sign up a season before you are ready to apply. We take our commitment to working with you seriously and expect that you will honor this commitment as well. If the All-In Package is the right fit for you, we look forward to productively and successfully working with you!


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