MBA, Fuqua at Duke
Fuqua Admissions

Bryan received his MBA from Fuqua at Duke University. At Fuqua, he was an active part of Fuqua Admissions and was a Fuqua Career Fellow – a role that allowed Bryan to help first year MBA students navigate recruiting, perfect their resumes, and succeed during interviews.

Prior to business school, he worked in private equity consulting, performing due diligence on transactions across a variety of industries. After receiving his MBA, Bryan defined strategy initiatives for the Los Angeles Rams football enterprise, created solutions for global companies as a management consultant at McKinsey and delivered innovation on emerging partnerships at Google.

Bryan has always been passionate about helping others achieve their goals. He’s coached baseball teams from toddlers to varsity level, taught English to classrooms of students from all over the world studying for the TOEFL exam, and was a 99th percentile GMAT instructor prior to business school. 

Bryan is candid, energetic, and specializes in helping each individual tell his or her own story in a genuine, meaningful way.