MBA, Harvard Business School (HBS)
MPP, Harvard Kennedy School (HKS)
HBS Admissions Advisory Board

Taniel received his MBA from Harvard Business School, his MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and his BS from the State University of New York at Binghamton.  Taniel was a member of both the HBS Admissions Advisory Board and Financial Aid Advisory Board and served as the Admissions Representative for the HBS/HKS joint degree program. 

During his last year at Harvard, Taniel assisted with the development of the Forward Fellowship, a scholarship providing generous financial support to students from lower-income backgrounds to acknowledge not just where admitted HBS students are now, but also how far they may have needed to come. 

Taniel has a clear passion for coaching and storytelling for both traditional and under-served applicants. He loves guiding first-generation clients, those who have worked or are interested in working in the social sector,  those who identify as LGBTQ, and others who have shown unusual growth and resilience across life phases. As a 2+2 admit, Taniel also enjoys working with ambitious undergrads and early career candidates, including those from the traditional backgrounds of finance and consulting.

Taniel’s career has saddled both the private and public sectors. He has worked at Goldman Sachs, the City of New York, The White House, and at Bain & Company. 

Taniel enjoys rock climbing, musical theater, cycling, mixology, volleyball and is an avid traveler – 40 countries and counting. Born and raised in NYC, he is also a proud New York Yankees fan who currently lives in Boston, bravely navigating through Red Sox territory.

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